2019 Mid City Gras Ball!

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Questions about the ball? Click here!


This is the first ever Mid City Gras Ball!

Seriously! This is the first ever. No other Mid City Gras Ball has ever happened! Ever! Never ever! So be part of history! Come frolic with parade Krewes and Mid-City Nutz!

We wanted to charge $7642 for a ticket, but we saw the astronomical cost of monocle and top hat insurance and decided instead to make this a ball for the common squirrel. Wear your Thursday best or whatever party duds work for you! No tuxedo, no tails.

Because we think you are your best decorations, we need you to bring your best decorations! Because we don’t know your dietary restrictions, we want you to bring your own food and beverages. We'll provide frivolity and magical music mixes from the WHYR radio personalities (no need to bring your turntables, 8-tracks, cassettes, or CD players).

$33 per person or $307 for a reserved table of ten.

Click —> HERE <— for tickets.