Mid City Gras Parade Krewe Application

We are now accepting applications for krewes in our 2020 Mid City Gras parade! (Live August 16, 2019)

Mid City Gras Inc. has created this parade to be a celebration for everyone, highlighting the essence of Mid City and showcasing the diversity of our community with a spirit of inclusiveness that positively contributes to the progression of our city. Permit pending, this parade will roll on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 1 p.m. down North Blvd.

Space is limited and submission of application does not guarantee a spot in the parade. Entries will be notified of acceptance within 15 days of application.

Early Bird pricing on Parade fees paid by November 15th!
Pre-sale link for Ball tables (ages 21+ only) will be given to PAID krewes only from September 1 – November 14, 2019.
Krewes will receive a link for pre-sale ball table tickets (at a $50 discount!) through November 14 h upon payment of parade fees. Any ball tickets remaining will be released for sale to the general public on November 15, 2019.

Parade fees will be due no later than January 31st.

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Krewe Details
Has this krewe participated in the Mid City Gras parade in the past?
We are working to be able to provide some acorns toward fees to excited, creative krewes (remember to show your excitement and creativity above) and tell us know how we can help you be part of our parade.
Parade Fees
Early Bird (paid by Nov 15) / Regular Price
Walking / Non-Motorized Krewe
Additional Upgrade
Choreographed Dancing / Entertainment Krewe
Rolling Krewe
(You are responsible for providing your own float, tow vehicle, driver, and safety walkers)
Applicants will be notified regarding acceptance within 15 days of application.

Business Sponsor Krewe (Business Logos allowed on entries in this category only.)

Click here for details on becoming a Mid City Gras business sponsor and its accompanying parade opportunities.

Mid City Gras Parade Krewe Rules/Regulations

1. Krewe captains must be 21 years of age or older, attend safety meeting held prior to parade day, be present with the krewe at the parade, and insure that all participants in their krewe abide by all local and state rules regarding alcohol usage.

2. Political activity is not allowed. No campaign materials or elected titles may be used.

3. We welcome our business sponsors to incorporate their organization name into the entry but we ask that it not be the focal point. Business Names are only allowed on Business Sponsor Krewes.

4. Krewes are encouraged but not mandated to create handcrafted throws. Business Sponsors may throw non-paper branded items. No paper throws or political campaign materials are allowed.

5. Non-motorized Krewes must provide a description of any component that will be pulled, pushed or ridden along the route along with a copy of the driver’s license of the driver and copy of the automobile insurance card of any vehicle being used as a support vehicle. Only one support vehicle per non-motorized krewe is allowed.

6. Motorized Krewes must provide information regarding the type and size of vehicle(s). If your entry is a float, please submit information regarding the type and size of tow vehicle, as well as the type and size of float. Please submit a copy of the driver’s license of the driver and copy of the automobile insurance card of any vehicle being used.

7. Any support vehicle must have at least two (2) designated safety walkers, krewes of over 23 people must have at least four (4) designated safety walkers, floats must have at least six (6) designated safety walkers. Walkers do not count towards your total krewe number.

8. All paperwork and fees must be submitted by or before published deadline.

9. All krewes must decorate within the theme.

10. Any krewe arriving at the parade with a design that does not reflect our mission of inclusiveness, diversity, and creativity in a family-friendly positive environment will be barred from the parade AND KREWE WILL FORFEIT ALL PARADE FEES. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding design concept.

11. Parade will roll rain or shine unless cancelled by BRPD. No refunds will be given.

12. All applications, sketches, photos, etc. become property of Mid City Gras Inc. and may be used for promotional purposes.

13. Acceptance into this year’s parade does not guarantee entry next year.